As you all know by know, I am part of the Board of Directors of Fundacion Esperanza de Mexico (esperanzademexico.org)  a non profit organization that dedicates its energy to building homes for very low income families through community development in the city of Tijuana. 

This year we are going to build our 1000 home after 25 years in service. The home is a special project, not only for being the one-thousand structure we build, but because its for a family with spacial needs. 

Please take a moment to read about this family and help us reach our goal to build their home this summer 2017!


Hi everyone our proposal to bring 21st century transport technology to California is part of the Hyperloop Vision for America. I hope you agree with us that a LA-SD and later Ensenada can become a major upgrade to our transportation future; LA to SD in 12.5 minutes LA to Ensenada in 20 min. 
Vote for our route!

Nuestro Equipo Hyperloop One acaba de presentar en Washington DC una propuesta para implementar la tecnología de Hyperloop en la region Los Angeles - San Diego como primera etapa y luego extenderse a Ensenada. Los tiempos serian LA a SD en 12.5 minutos y LA a Ensenada en 20 minutos. 
Voten por nuestra ruta LA-SD y entremos al mundo del transporte de pasajeros y carga del siglo 21!

Vote by clicking the link below


Thrilled to announce: The Cross Border Pacific Hyperloop Network team has been selected as one of the 35 semi-finalist from among 2,600 registrants for the Hyperloop Global Challenge. The team consists of Generica, Principal Rene Peralta; Design office, Principal Juan P Alatorre and estudio santander, principal Alex Santander.

Muy emocionados de compartirles: Cross Border Pacific Hyperloop Network es uno de los 35 equipos seleccionado de mas de 2,600 para Hyperloop Global Challenge. El equipo lo compone Generica, Rene Peralta principal; Design Office, Juan P Alatorre y estudio santander, Alex Santander principal.
From Hyperloop:

After fielding 2,600 registrants in five months, Hyperloop One today released the locations of the 35 remaining semifinalist teams for its Hyperloop One Global Challenge. The Global Challenge kicked off in May 2016 as an open call to individuals, universities, companies and governments to develop comprehensive proposals for using Hyperloop One’s disruptive transport technology in their region to move passengers and freight point-to- point, swiftly, and on-demand. The semifinalists come from 17 countries, representing every continent except Antarctica. The US has 11 teams left, India 5 and the U.K. four. It’s a strong field: Twenty proposals come with commitments of support from local, state and federal governments and agencies. The company expects to announce the handful of finalists by May.

“The Hyperloop One Global Challenge unleashed ideas from some of the world’s most creative
engineers and planners, who care as much as we do about the future of transportation,” said
Rob Lloyd, CEO, Hyperloop One. “These are all solutions that can make a real and immediate
social and economic impact.”

Después de revisar a 2.600 participantes en cinco meses, Hyperloop One publicó hoy las ubicaciones de los 35 equipos semifinalistas para su Hyperloop One Global Challenge. El Desafío Global se inició en mayo de 2016 como una convocatoria abierta a individuos, universidades, empresas y gobiernos para desarrollar propuestas integrales para el uso de la tecnología de transporte disruptiva de Hyperloop One en su región para transportar pasajeros y mercancías de punto a punto. Los semifinalistas vienen de 17 países, representando a todos los continentes excepto la Antártida. Estados Unidos tiene 11 equipos, India 5 y el Reino Unido cuatro. Veinte propuestas vienen con compromisos de apoyo de gobiernos locales y estatales y agencias federales. La empresa espera anunciar el grupo de finalistas en mayo.

"El desafío global Hyperloop One desató ideas de algunos de los ingenieros y planificadores más creativos del mundo, que se preocupan tanto como nosotros por el futuro del transporte ", dijo Rob Lloyd, CEO de Hyperloop One. "Todas estas son soluciones que pueden hacer realmente e inmediatamente un impacto social y económico"