Our Border/Bi-National Region: 
The Resurgence of Tijuana

                                    image: Rene Peralta

The bi-national future of the Tijuana-San Diego cross-border region has been on the radar screens of citizens and public officials for several decades.  Unfortunately, the combined impacts of post 9/11 Homeland Security, concerns about drug smuggling, and a global recession have slowed down cross-border planning projects for nearly a decade. Now, over the last five years, the pendulum has swung back.  San Diego and Tijuana are ready to plan and build an infrastructure that embraces our cross border futures.

This breakfast dialogue will introduce San Diegans to some emerging urban development projects and activities that define Tijuana’s economic and cultural resurgence over the past half decade.


Emma Cruz and Miguel Marshall, Co-founders of HUB STN, a bi-national technology and collaborative work space in downtown Tijuana.

Illya Haro, Independent Art Curator in Tijuana Mexico, will address the emerging downtown Tijuana arts scene.

Rene Peralta, Director of the Master of Science in Architecture Program at Woodbury University in San Diego will present an ecological revitalization plan for the River Zone of Tijuana.

Mario C. López, President/CEO, The Border Group LLC., will highlight areas of Tijuana's revitalization and the importance of cross border cooperation. 

Dr. Lawrence Herzog, SDSU Professor of City Planning

When Thursday, September 24, 20157:00 AM - 9:00 AM (PDT)
Location Balboa Park ~ The Prado Restaurant ~The Loggia Room
More info: Click Here
Prado Restaurant ~The Loggia Room

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