Work from our study abroad trip to Lima. Peru from the landscape+urbanism program at Woodbury University

On March 2013 as part of the second semester graduate studio in Landscape + Urbanism Program and focusing on Woodbury’s concept of Field Work, students visited the city of Lima, Peru and the experimental housing project of PREVI (Proyecto Experimental de Vivienda).

PREVI was a singular housing project funded by the UN and the Government of Peru to produce incremental social housing using novelle constructions techniques. A competition that included some of the most recognized international and Peruvian architects of the time. 

The architects involved include: 
Toivo Korhonan, Charles Correa, Christopher Alexander, Iniguez de Ozono  & Vazquez de Castro, Georges Candilis, Alexis Josic, Shandrach Woods, James Stirling, Esquerra & Samper, Aldo van Eyck, Kikutake, Kurokawa & Maki, Svenssons, Hanson & Hatloy, Herbert Ohl, Atelier 5, (Jose Antonio Coderch Jury member)

This video includes the experiences of the residents who have lived in the development since its construction 44 years ago and academic opinions by professors of the Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria, regarding the urban impact and prototypical housing designs of the project.

Click the image above to go to the video!

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