Articulo de Enrique Gili para AEON Magazine sobre Tijuana y su renacimiento cultural, tuve el placer de ser el guia de Enrique en su visita!

A reputation for cross-border debauchery, desperate migrants and drug violence. Can the arts save this troubled city?

Bright mural adorn the boardwalk beside the Tijuana-San Diego frontier. Photo by Hernan Cazares

"‘We are all artists in Tijuana,’ the architect and educator René Peralta said half-jokingly, when we discussed the city’s multiple, shifting identities. A son of the city and my guide for the day, Peralta gave me some valuable background. Tijuana’s origins are a quirk of history: in 1848, under the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, a line was drawn in the sand demarcating the US from Mexico. Only later did that dotted line on the map harden into an iron curtain."

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