2nd Year Studio Woodbury University, San Diego, CA Spring 2011

Our 2nd year studio has been involved in the research of skin and envelope tectonics, program diagramming and finally in our last project we dealt with spatial effects (deep space, light, porosity, translucency etc) for a water museum located in the Salton Sea. Our perspective into the typology of the museum is one of somber feeling. Suspending the idea that museums are only for "happy moments" celebration of human achievement, we are considering a more nihilistic approach. After we took a trip to the Salton Sea and saw the environmental catastrophe currently developing we decided to realize a museum of water through moods of despair. Considering the ideas of P. Virilio of a necessity for a Accident Museum to accompany man's technological "break throughs" we thought that a reflective space of our current distopic condition might be a more appropriate approach to the project.

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