Master's : Landscape(+)Urbanism

The Master's : Landscape(+)Urbanism at Woodbury University (San Diego) is a program born of the unique spatial juxtapositions inherent to the area’s international cultural and territorial collisions. Instruction within it provides a focus in catalytic design for geographies challenged by pressures of difference and flux. While the discipline of architecture re-assesses its critical stance towards these new standards in urban environments, Woodbury University emphasizes the global challenges emerging in developing and developed countries as they consolidate towards a critical mass. The goal of study, then, is to produce a body of architects capable of addressing, through both field and form, the characteristic dilemmas of contemporary society’s extreme habitat scenarios of excess and scarcity.

Deadline for Applications is coming up soon. See website click here!

Rene Peralta

Master's : Landscape+Urbanism, Director

More info: Woodbury University San Diego. 2212 Main St. San Diego, CA 92113. Tel. 619 235 2900

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