Shaken But Not Stirred: Fifteen San Diego/Tijuana Architectural Designers

Architecture Exhibit

1. Shaken (with the news of not being invited) But Not Stirred (in anger or jealousy)

2. Shaken (in a small gallery as a team) But Not Stirred (to be homogeneous mix)

3. Shaken (as mismatch of philosophies) But Not Stirred (to be diluted critically)

4. Shaken (into shape) But Not Stirred (into form)

5. Shaken (in a specific context) But Not Stirred (producing unique results)

6. Shaken (into an indiscriminate encounter) But Not Stirred (into a pregnant association)

7. Shaken (into an expeditious assemblage) But Not Stirred (to shelve 26 years to do it again)

8. Shaken (into transformation) But Not Stirred (into revolution)

9. Shaken (by the informal) But Not Stirred (by surrogate romanticism)

10. Shaken (into responsive efficiency) But Not Stirred (into material fetishes)


Emily FIerer , Miki Iwasaki, Megan Willis, Jose Parral+Tasi Paulson, Andrea Dietz, Hector Perez, Peter Perisic, Adriana Cuellar+Marcel Sanchez, Philipp Bosshart, Christopher Puzio, Cameron Crockett, generica+Rene Peralta+Monica Fragoso

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