Today, and for only 200 pesos I bought this great book at Comercial Mexicana, titled “df a la mano” – a sort of illustrated guide of Mexico City with a pinch of ethnographical perspective. The book covers all kinds of things to do, buy and experience in the infamous mexican capital, from churros and hot chocolate to nightclubs, galleries, tailors, masons, computer repair, shoe repair and many other activities and places that not only make this book useful to visitors, but for the common chilango living there ,a must have A-Z of DF -the short prologue explains it well “…a guide to help make better use of the city”

As I walked in the store it caught my eye, specifically because it resembles somewhat Here is Tijuana in its cover and paper quality and it has basically the same dimensions. This 400 page guide is easy to read, the pages and illustrations are direct and elegantly designed and while it has the quality of a coffee table book , the info inside plus its compact size makes it a perfect companion while visiting this monstrous and fabulous city.

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