Acabo de volver a toparme con mi libreta de apuntes que use en Londres de 1995 al 96.
Aqui van algunas ideas que escuche por primera ves en mis clases.

Prof. Paul Hirst
Historiagraphy of Architecture

Nothing can be known unless it has something to define itself against.
There is no pure conciensness / it depends on something
Things develop through contradiction
Freedom does not consist on pure choice. Freedom is rational, therefore you have choices. Choices are irrational.

Prof. Mark Cousins
Seminar on Method

Where is a building?

Buildings are mental therefore they are everywhere
The "site" is an effect of architecture to make a site.
The site is a dimension of a building.
There can be no relation between object and subject of desire because we live in a post-kantian world, a apost-freudian world.

and my favorite:

To say a bldg is a bldg because of its materiality, is childish. Are we water because humans are made 70% of the liquid????

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abb/ benson dijo...

Que tal RENE..
Un saludo desde Melbourne. Al propósito de tus apuntes. Había apuntado algo en el Blog, que tiene que ver con arquitectura, tanto como el agua evaporada. ¨Embody Cafe¨

Felicidades por eso de la maestría..Seguire al pendiente..