Buildings are historically neoclassical, modernist, post modern etc, yet architectonically they are NOW.

The intention of conservationist is to freeze a building to a form it never had, because we think that searching for the origin gives a sense of clarity, e.g. searching for the meaning of a word by going back to its origin, consequently in a Hegelian manner some would say the essence of architecture is going back to the hut, therefore architecture is dwelling.

The project for the Florence Medical Center is not a restoration – the building has good karma – it is a reincarnation. The building was strip of its many appendages in order to shed a new skin. A façade that reflects it’s inside function and maintains an urban presence – street relationship.

Florence is a project that deals with history as process rather than an image.

The pattern of the facade acts as a skin that reads the programmatic activities of the building’s interior

Disclaimer: the red glass block in the corner has a symbolic function. Florence used to be owned by Dr, Aubanel, patriarch of the same family that decided to hire Thom Mayne and Michael Rotondi to build Hospital del Prado a building that has a green glass façade as its main element. The red block is a small tribute.

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J. Emmanuel Cadena dijo...

Ja, ahi doy vuelta para ir a a casa de un amigo, siempre me ha gustado ese bloque rojo . . . .