Black Dog Publishing, London

Authors: Fiamma Montezemolo, Rene Peralta and Heriberto Yepez

“Like a ying yang symbol, the border has become less straight, less a knife edge and more a twirling, blurring line of transgressions(...) an evolving cultural mix of blood, money, economies, cuisines and territories.”
Neil Denari

Tijuana is a border-town in all respects. It hovers between Mexico and the United States, not just physically, but psychologically. On the one hand it maintains its reputation as a sleezy centre for booze, sex and crime, and on the other it aspires to, and is slowly achieving, the sophistication and affluence of California–just a few miles and another world away.

Divided into three sections, Here is Tijuana! deals with the socio-cultural issues, the morality and the urban development of the city. Beautiful photographic essays accompany the text and bring the city to life. The book will be published in two editions–Spanish and English. Through words and images, Here is Tijuana! captures the spirit of a fractured city with a split identity.


394 colour and b/w ills
25 x 21 cm
1 904772 45 5
UK £19.95

February 2006

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Fernando Cruz dijo...

Cuando sale el Libro Rene? la verdad que me ayudara bastante.

Hechale ganas. keep up the good work!

Rene dijo...

El libro sale en Febrero 2006 en Europa y uno o dos meses despues en EU y America Latina. Pero me imagino que se puede ordenar antes.

Fernando Cruz dijo...

Estare al pendiente. Cuidate

Daniel_Campos dijo...

Student discount? …Send me a book