Plug and Play

The swap meet is a plug and play device in which system of exchanges enable a series of informal ephemeral acts of assemblage, public space in a pure sense. Up or plugged into the city infrastructure early mornings, to be later used, consumed and played with all day. This ephemeral spatial conglomerate is a type of plug in city, a meshwork of exchanges without architecture; it just needs four poles and a tent, a generic formal condition that enables a layering of spatial frames in section.
As the concept of the city is reinterpreted by the despatializing of the local, the notion of urban space is being restructured by global circumstances. As in many other urban conditions, the contemporary city is complex and unfathomable. Therefore, this network of exchanges predominates in some cases as a primordial diagram for a linear, radial, or organic city – or simply - swap meet urbanism.